Malachi Global



We exist to help men turn their hearts and attention to the next generation, resulting in healthier families, greater clarity of purpose for sons and daughters, and the fulfillment of God-ordained destinies.


We inform and inspire fathers and other mentors through mass media and live events with special emphasis on strategic planning, lifelong mentoring, intentional blessing and rites of passage for today's youth.


In 1997, Brian D. Molitor recognized the need to help young people make successful transitions into adulthood. During a trip to South Africa, Brian spent much of his time developing a rite of passage ceremony for modern day youth. Upon his return, he invited 30 men to join in a powerful celebration for his eldest son, Chris, who was turning 13. What followed were many more rites of passage for other young men and women, as well as the development of a strategic plan for parents around the globe. 

Malachi Global was formed in 2004 as a ministry seeking to promote effective parenting and to assist young people as they make the challenging transition into adulthood.  Since that time, Brian has written several books on the subjects of rites of passage, mentoring, intentional blessing and effective parenting.  Originally published in English, these books have now been translated into multiple languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.  

Brian and other members of the team have been invited to teach these powerful parenting concepts to audiences in many parts of the world.  Our conferences and retreats empower parents, especially men and other male mentors with new skills, confidence, and motivation to successfully reach, raise, love, and disciple the next generation. 

In 2014, the team began producing a unique television series called TV4DADS.  Each season of the program is filmed in a different location such as Montana, Australia, Alaska and Northern Michigan.  The programs have aired internationally on many inspirational networks including those in the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine and many more.