Corporate Development



As coaches, trainers and strategists, we serve countless organizations and individuals throughout the world. Our award-winning programs, unique training initiatives, and customized executive coaching services continue to transform lives today.

There are several factors that make us stand out from the others.


We don’t use theory to try to solve real world problems.  Our work is based on our own experience and our plans spring from insights gained on the front lines for 30 years.


Years ago, we set a high standard for our associates and the number one quality they must possess is deep concern for those that they serve.  All of our clients and customers are treated with respect.


We’ll tell you the truth.  Blind spots lead to crashes.  Whether you are the CEO of a company, community leader, or a father concerned about his family, you need to know the truth.  We will tell it like it is…and, if things need to change, then we’ll help you change them.


Executive A Plus™

Our professionals custom-design a specific coaching plan for each of our clients throughout the world.  The plan is built around your vision, goals, strengths and areas targeted for improvement.  As coaches, we ask questions; we listen more than we speak, and after all the information has been gathered, we help you set a course that works for you.  Our coaching helps improve work performance, relationships, leadership effectiveness, life balance and overall perspective.


Leadership That Lasts™ 

We teach leadership from a highly interactive perspective that builds on four foundations: Purpose and Direction, Communication and Listening, Caring, and Core Values.  This program has been used to bring about transformation of thousands of leaders around the world.

Barriers To Bridges™ 

Team building has been a cornerstone of Molitor International for over 3 decades.  We have brought unity, understanding and cooperation among tens of thousands of people resulting in greater job satisfaction, productivity, profitability and many other bottom line improvements within their respective organizations.

Team Problem Solving™ 

Our approach to problem solving is simple.  We teach people a fundamental process and the foundational steps needed to address any problem that they face.  The results are much more effective meetings, fast resolution of problems, better decisions and an increase in innovation. Our program has been used throughout the world by many different types of organizations resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings.


The combination of leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution, time management and other vital life skills, taught by professionally trained facilitators, provides entry level staff with the tools to be successful in their work environment. Our training builds confidence and inspires employees to pursue excellence in the workplace. Employers benefit from greater employee commitment, increased employee engagement, higher morale and reduced employee turnover.


Organizational Assessment

Before charting a new course for a better future, leaders must first have a very clear understanding of where their organization is now. This is no time for guessing about the current state of vital issues including: employee engagement, communication, cooperation between levels, departments and individuals, trust, decision making competence, and a host of others.

To gather this information, we use a variety of methods that include: face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and written surveys. The data gathered is always eye-opening for leadership and provides the foundations upon which to build an even more successful future.

Strategic Planning

For years, we have worked with leaders to help them create strategic plans for growth and/or how to get their organizations back on track. Whether establishing an overall plan for a merger or just taking a business to the next level, we have had significant success with our approach to strategic planning.

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